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Choose (and support) independent artists

Artoose, our creatives open house, welcomes italian and international artists , with the aim of building a community where artistic freedom and independence feel “at home” and where all the talents have the opportunity to grow and exhibit their artworks.

Our purpose is to showcase artworks and the and realities of artists who make a living from their art. Our main mission is to support emerging artists.
All Artoose artists work to create unique artworks in order to find a spot in your favorite places. We care above all to tell the story of passion, study and emotions that lies behind every artwork and to support free and independent art.

Artoose tells the stories behind artworks and their creators. We support the artists by giving them a place where to tell and share, thus creating the ground where to experiment and create uniuqe artworks. A safe place where one can get involved and reach a wider audience. 

We believe in creating a community of artists, ready to exchange ideas, support each other and share the artistic experience.

Our values

We promote independent art, based on the values ​​of beauty and quality of the artworks. Anybody can become one of our artists. We believe in emerging art and in the value of every single brush

Independent Art
By supporting independent artists, we want to raise public awareness to stand for artists not represented by galleries, thus attributing value to art and creatives, with a special attention to unique arworks made with passion.

We are convinced that every artwork embodies the personal story of those who created it, blending cultures, passions and emotions