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Artist's FAQs

The aim of Artoose is to showcase your art to a global market We will help and support you with the sales; You will receive the 75% of the sale and you will also be paired with our expert Artist Liaisons, who will guide you through the registration process, sales and marketing. We provide safe payment with Stripe and we manage shipping and delivery

Create your account clicking on ​“Accedi”​ and follow the guided registration procedure. You can upload your bio, artworks, images, video and everything you consider to be relevant info Once your shop is completed you can start selling your artwork
Don’t forget to update your profile from time to time. This will help collectors to find you more easily on the search engines

To read more about Our payment policy check our Termini e Condizioni. By uploading your artworks on Artoose marketplace you confirm also your acceptance of out T&C, please make sure to read this section carefully as it is a full-fledged legal agreement between the Artist and Artoose
After the sale each artist will receive the 25% + VAT of the artwork price In case of artwork promotion the price will be always split 75/25% and will be calculated on the final discounted price
In case of a sale for a commissioned artwork Artooce will receive the 35% + VAT of the final price agreed between the artist and the collector

For more information read questa sezione.

Artoose is using Stripe as payment platform in order to guarantee safe, fast and convenient transactions. Once your accoutn is created you can choose to create a Stripe account as well . The procedure is easy, fast and free of charge Furthermore, with
this platform we make sure that the artist can verity the transactions and that all the payments are in order
When your artwork is sold Stripe will send the payment on your account (minus commission). This way you can see the amount on your account immediately after the sale
tuo portafoglio Stripe.

You must have a Stripe account connected with your Artoose profile. You can also produce invoices as per customers request

Once an artwork is sold:

1. You wiil receive a notification about the sale and  contemporaneamente ti saranno inviate tutte le informazioni riguardanti i passaggi successivi da effettuare per recapitare l’opera venduta al suo acquirente.

In details you will be informed about:

● Date and time of parcel pickup from our delivery company (pick up must happen within 2-3 days from payment If it’s the pickup is not possible please notify us, right on the control panel for your artwork)

●Reply to the email informing us upon receiving the order and confirm about preparing the packaging Remember our guidelines for packaging, very useful!

2. In case 48 hours have passed without a reply to our email about pick up date we will contact you by phone support team Keep an eye on your email !

3. Within 2-3 days from the selected pickup date ww will send you an email with the shipping documents to provide with the parcel Remember to print them out and to have them handy for the courier

4. The courier will arrice for pick up on the date and the time selected by you to collect the parcel and the shipping documents It’s important to give the courier all the documents

Artoose aims to provide maximum flexibility and customer satisfaction, in fact all the collectors can claim a refund withing 14 days from purchase date (this policy doen’t apply to commissioned art)
Collectors can send the work back to the artist by using appropriate packaging to protect the artwork In case of damaged artwork the collectors will be charged the entire cost of artwork and shipping
If a collectors claims a refund Artoose will verify the reasons for such a claim in order to understand possibile improvements on service If a refund is claimed because of
a wrong packaging made by the artist, such to cause a damage or breaking of thre artwork, the whole cost of the work and the shipping fee will be cherged to the artist
In case of other unintended damage the artist won’t be charged at all
Once we are informed by the collector about the shipping of the artwork we will send a notice to the artist providing the tracking number of the parcel

Artoose believes that freedom is very important and for this reason each Artist can decide autonomously about the artwork selling price However you will never be alone! 

If you have doubts of further enquiries our team is available on email or on the phone
We are aware that to choos ethe selling price is a crucial moment of the selling process It’s important to be ready to give answers about the price if needed, thus it’s crucial to have a clear idea about your pricing policy
If you are new to this kind of marketplace we also suggest:
start by giving a cost to time spent producing your work, materials and craftmanship
● Choose a cost for your work per hour
For example: €20,00 x 1h
● Multiply that cost by the number of hours spent

For example: 18 hours

● Add this value to the cost of materials Often its customary to calculate the cost of materials x 2 This is done to estimate also all the waste material for trial and error so you will avoid costs not taken in account

For example €30,00 x 2 = €60,00

● In this example the final price of the artwork would be:

(€20,00 x 18h) + (€30,00×2) = €450,00.

Yes, you could watch our tutorials here

If you have further questions contact the support team here.

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