Angelo Marcuccio Art


In 1918 Tristan Tzarar romanian poet and artist published the ManifestO of Dadaism.

Absorbed by the early 20’ he became the starting point of a new perception of art:

The Dadaism.

I’m Angelo Marcuccio, class 96’

and If I wouldn’t mention that,

maybe I’ve would be sued for plagiarism.


surely my words and my aiemismo couldn’t be

any other fucking bullshit art list.

The artist explained this:

“The magic of a word—Dada—which has brought journalists to the gates of a world unforeseen,

is of no importance to us.

To put out a manifesto you must want:

ABC to fulminate against 1, 2, 3 to fly into a rage and sharpen your wings to conquer and

disseminate little abcs and big abcs,

to sign, shout, swear,

to organize prose into a form of absolute and irrefutable evidence,

to prove your non plus ultra and maintain that novelty resembles life just as the latest-appearance of some whore proves the essence of God.“

with surprising analogies,

after more than a century, in 2022,

my idea is the following:

Spread The Aeimismo in an era which

Art Performance and NFT are trying to

prove God’s live proof ALSO.

I paint to distribute an idea,

paint to remind me that I

can be also remarkable.

AIEMISMO musn’t to be anything,

it’s not even the holy cow’s tail of the Kru’s.

The brushstrokes are the meaning itself,

fused with shapes and profiles.

In Aiemismo’s world doesn’t exist any gender, just profiles that decorates surfaces;

all around words and definitions explain the obvius for us,

infact explain the art support.

An Aiemismo’s canvas doesn’t need to have a intrinsic meaning obligatorily;

profiles, letters and colors are the whole.

Aiemismo is the expression of my freedom,

it’s a slight and drawing art.

The images are just an interaction between abstract and figurative.

The Aiemista lives like a poet, in a cradle of allegories and metaphors.

He finds peace dreaming of curvy geometric shapes that intimately talks about him.

The image happiness is made by

the limit of the indefinite,

consequently it has the function to appease and

to humanize the nothingness shapeless of

the geometric shapes.

I TRULY promise TO do so:

A) The aiemista'S supportIS only juta canvas,

he needs a surfaceS that absorbs the excessive AMOUNT of the enamel colors.

B) The aiemista uses ONLY enamel colors.

In particular he must to use black and red tints.

C) For all his paintings the aiemista will give a definition for all HIS objects on A surface like

aN encyclopedia.

D) The aiemista must CREATE the support FROM SCRATCH which he expresses and GENERATE his

geometric shapes.

E) The aiemista doesn’t intend to worship for critical words,

he lives HIS art LIKE AN OBJECTIVE form,

he avoids to launch CRYPTIC messages.

Accordingly every matter of opinion

dies on the surface.